Supervision since 2019 

PhD / Postdoc Researcher

Function I: as official daily supervisor 

   7) Bixing Yan, UT(NL), 2023 - Present

   6) Nguyen Dao, UT(NL), 2023 - Present

   5) Haoqiu, KULeuven (BE), 2023 - Present


   4) Rizqi, KULeuven (BE), 2021-Present


   3) Ben, postdoc, UT (NL), 2022 - 2023 


2) Amin Zare, KULeuven (BE), 2021.11 - 2023.08


End-to-end learning for sub-THz (140-160 GHz) wireless communication

1) Hadi Alidoustaghdam, UTwente (NL), 2020.09-


Function II: as collaborator or unofficial co-supervisor

Bo Yin

3) Hang Mi, 2022-2023, visiting PhD scholar to UT


2) Kai Mao, 2022-2023, visiting PhD scholar to UT


UAV, channel sounding, channel modeling

1) Ke Shen, University of Gent (Belgium), 2021--2022


Master Students

--- Ongoing ---

--- Accomplished ---

11. Roy, (Thesis) UTwente, "Height-adaptive human gait model through radar-driven pipeline with two co-located mmWave MIMO radars", 2023.01-2023.09

10. Diego, (Thesis) UTwente, "Electromagnetic Field Exposure assessment of 5G NR Cell-free MIMO overlapping with legacy technologies" 2022.11- 2023.08

9. Wout Haak, as UT contact/evaluator for his internship in University of South California, 2023.02-2023.06

8. FeiFan Zhang, (Thesis) UTwente, "Concurrent multi-band event matching using Wi-Fi 'Radar'

2022.06- 2023.03

Keywords: bladeRF, 2*2MIMO, dual-band, Wi-Fi OFDM, human activity recognition, channel amplitude and phase

7. Miquel Selles Valls, (Thesis) UTwente, 

"Contact-Free Target Recognition, Localization, Tracking & 'Vital Sign' Monitoring: 

A Comparative Analysis between a FMCW MIMO radar and an OFDM multi-beam communication device"

2022.02 - 2022.11

Cum Laude

6. Ruwei Liu, (Thesis) SUSTC (external, as unofficial daily supervisor), "3D Beam-Body Interaction Modeling when Tx and Rx at Different Height", 2021.01- 2022.06  


3D Uniform Theory of Diffraction, Infinite & Finite Cylinder, Creeping Wave, Edge Diffraction, mmWave (40 GHz) vs sub-6 GHz bands

5. Miquel Selles Valls, (Internship) Xsens & UTwente, "Contact-free Localization and Tracking of Humans Using Off-the-Shelf mmWave Radar", 2021.09-2021.12 (Final grade: 9.7!)


mmWave MIMO, angular-delay-doppler domain information, human position and orientation, passive localization and tracking, human monitoring, 3D mmWave point cloud, multi-person tracking

4. Jan-Willem, (Thesis) Philips & UTwente Joint Project, "Modeling, Characterizing and Evaluating the Wireless Link of the Patient Health Monitor," 2021.02- 2021.11


Radio channel in healthcare environment & User experience (BER, throughput), HFSS SBR+ & Decawave kit

3. Xiaochen Liu, (Thesis) Xsens & UTwente Joint Project, "Multipath-Assisted On-Body Tag Localization", 2021.01 - 2021.09

Keywords: MISO/SIMO, Tag placement on human body, LOS/(OLOS/)NLOS Scenarios Identification, Multipath Extraction & Tracking, Inertia Motion Unit (IMU) Fusion, Localization of On-Body Tag in NLOS Scenario

2.  M. Ubaid Bashir Awan, (Thesis) UTwente, "Simulation and Measurement-Based Characterization of the Transmitting, Receiving and Scattering Figures of UAV Wireless Station," 2020.03 - 2021.02

Keywords: Rotatory Drone, Antenna Placement in UAV Body Frame & Prospeller Rotation, Transmitting/Receicing/Scattering Figures of UAV Wireless Station, Air-to-Air, SDR (BladeRF) Testbed Buildup, Human Detection by Drone Radar

1. Meghashree Srikantaiah Manjesh, (Thesis) UTwente, "Deterministic Modeling and Parameterization of Height-Dependent Interaction between Radio Waves and Human Body," 2019.09-2020.09

 Keywords: Human-Radio Interaction, Reflection & Diffraction, Uniform Theory of Diffraction (UTD), Sub-6 GHz, 19 Ghz, Physics/Mathematics Modeling, Radio Channel Measurement, Parameterization of Model

Bachelor Students

--- Ongoing ---

--- Accomplished --- 

6. Daan Kerkhof, "We Can ”Hear” You With Radar", 2023.04 - 2023.07 

5. Pedro, KU Leuven Honours program, "Deep learning based classification and prediction of breathing patterns", 2022.09 - 2023.03

4. Jelle Wilbrink, UTwente, "Measurement-based Rotational Hand Gesture Recognition Using mmWave MIMO FMCW Radar", 2022.04 - 2022.07 [Cum Laude] 

3. Lars Oberhofer, UTwente + VoloPort DE, "Optimizing the large-volume data transfer between the landing eVTOL and the ground infrastructure using Wi-Fi", 2021.11 - 2022.01 

(Final grade: 9) [restricted access]

2. Wout Haak, UTwente, "UAV Mobility Detection Using Radio Channel

Properties For Collision Avoidance in Air Corridor", 2021.04 - 2021.07

 Keywords: Scattering, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Co- & Cross-polarized Backscattering Enabled Radio Channel, 6D Mobility, (Micro-)Doppler, Multipath, UAV Geofence in Air Corridor 

1. Arjen Velkers, UTwente, "Investigating the Coherence Bandwidth and Coherence Distance of Radio Signals Scattered from Urban Building Point Clouds Using Physical Optics," 2020.04-2020.07 (Final grade: 9, Promotional prize)

 Keywords: Coherence, Polarization discrimination, Scattering from Urban Street, Point Clouds, Diffuse Scattering, Physical Optics, Equivalent E-M- Currents