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ACM mmWaveSys, 2023,  The First ACM Workshop on mmWave Sensing Systems and Applications

Integrated localization and communication, co-editor, senors

convenor, URSI GASS 2023

Committee member, NWO program 2.0 +  french national la research ANR, 2023

ESoA Rennes , invited by Prof. Himdi

EuCNC 2023 TPC INTERACT workshop

PhD thesis committee jury member: 

UGent, 2023

Lund+KUL, Sara, 2022

IEEE Future Network mMIMO workshop, co-organizer 

Organizor & Session Co-chair, Convened Session, EuCAP 2022

 CS42: "Towards-6G Joint Communication and Sensing in Radio Propagation Perspectives" 

1. ISAP 2021

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EEMCS Research Networking Day, initiation and co-organization, 2023.01-2023.09

South Korea, E.T.S.V. Scintilla, "Age of Technology", 2023

Function II: as external committee member for bachelor thesis 

 1. "Modeling atmospheric turbulence and its influence on face recognition performance", CS-Biometrics, Jul. 2021 


2. "Characterization Method Using Square Wave Signals for Testing Current Transducer Responses", EE-PE, Jul. 2021

3. "Visualization of EMI in Real-Time", EE-PE, Jul. 2021

4. "Proposed design of a Micro-inverter for an

integrated Photovoltaic-Battery Module in Grid and

Off-Grid Applications" PE, 2022

5. "Comparing Current Sensors for Power Measurement of Linear and Non-Linear Appliances", PE, 2023

6. "Robust low-cost energy meter ", PE, 2023

Function II: as external committee member for master thesis

7. ICD, 

6. PS, federated learning and human activity classification, 2023 june

5. ICD, PA, 2023

4. PS Rodent monitoring, 2023 aug

3. "filter mixer amplifier", EE-ICD, 2022.08

2. "PA" EE-ICD, 2021.11

1. Shu Yu, (Thesis) Biometrics, Cmputer Science, UTwente, "Fingerprint Recognition Based on Spectral Minutiae

Representation and Deep Learning", 2020.12