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IEEE TVT review


ACM mmWaveSys, 2023,  The First ACM Workshop on mmWave Sensing Systems and Applications

Integrated localization and communication, co-editor, senors

convenor, URSI GASS 2023

Committee member, NWO program 2.0 +  french national la research ANR, 2023

ESoA Rennes , invited by Prof. Himdi

EuCNC 2023 TPC INTERACT workshop

PhD thesis committee jury member: 

UGent, 2023

Lund+KUL, Sara, 2022

IEEE Future Network mMIMO workshop, co-organizer 

Organizor & Session Co-chair, Convened Session, EuCAP 2022

 CS42: "Towards-6G Joint Communication and Sensing in Radio Propagation Perspectives" 

1. ISAP 2021

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EEMCS Research Networking Day, initiation and co-organization, 2023.01-2023.09

South Korea, E.T.S.V. Scintilla, "Age of Technology", 2023

Function II: as external committee member for bachelor thesis 

 1. "Modeling atmospheric turbulence and its influence on face recognition performance", CS-Biometrics, Jul. 2021 


2. "Characterization Method Using Square Wave Signals for Testing Current Transducer Responses", EE-PE, Jul. 2021

3. "Visualization of EMI in Real-Time", EE-PE, Jul. 2021

4. "Proposed design of a Micro-inverter for an

integrated Photovoltaic-Battery Module in Grid and

Off-Grid Applications" PE, 2022

5. "Comparing Current Sensors for Power Measurement of Linear and Non-Linear Appliances", PE, 2023

6. "Robust low-cost energy meter ", PE, 2023

Function II: as external committee member for master thesis

7. ICD,  self-matched balanced amplifiers. 2023

6. PS, federated learning and human activity classification, 2023 june

5. ICD, PA, 2023

4. PS Rodent monitoring, 2023 aug

3. "filter mixer amplifier", EE-ICD, 2022.08

2. "PA" EE-ICD, 2021.11

1. Shu Yu, (Thesis) Biometrics, Cmputer Science, UTwente, "Fingerprint Recognition Based on Spectral Minutiae

Representation and Deep Learning", 2020.12